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Heursel 1745 and PietrAverde create a new generation of extraordinary jewelry

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Sometimes you have to look at things from a completely different angle. Times evolve, consumer buying behavior changes and the sales strategy of top brands has also changed, not always to the advantage of the retailers. With more than 35 years of experience in the exclusive jewelry sector, it was time to develop a new and strong vision for the future.

In my search for the latest developments within the jewelry industry, I had the pleasure of meeting Ton Janssen of DD Technologies and the jewelry brand PietrAverde. An introduction to the development of high-tech lab-grown diamond products. 

Both passionate and pioneers each in our field, we found each other in one strong vision for the future and the development of a new generation of exclusive diamond jewelry. 

Heursel 1745 remains true to its principle of creating jewelry with natural diamonds and gemstones, but will specialize in designing full lab grown diamond accessories in partnership with PietrAverde. The sale and processing of lab grown diamond cut gemstones is not an issue here.

Eric De Waele
Managing director 1745


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