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IW327006 (S450)

Pilot 's Watch Mark XVIII Heritage

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The Pilot's Watch Mark XVIII Heritage features a design that is reduced to the absolute essentials. Its retro look, inspired by the famous Big Pilot's Watch 52 T.S.C., gives this navigation watch a
particularly striking appearance. With its contrasting dial and displays, it closely reflects the ideal established by classic pilot's watches. The displays are round, large and clearly arranged. This
  • later developed into the cockpit design: not even a single line is unnecessary - everything is designed to be clear and legible. The dial features large, rounded Arabic numerals to mark the minutes,
  • with two exceptions: the 12 has been replaced with a triangle with dots at either side for improved legibility, while a date window is positioned where the 3 would usually be - adding a modern feature
to this vintage-inspired design. This model comes with a stylish brown calfskin strap.

Bekijk alle specificaties

  • Referentie: IW327006
  • Kaliber: 35111
  • Frequentie : 28800 A/h/4 Hz
  • Aantal robijnen : 25
  • Binnenwerk : mechanisch automatisch

  • Gangreserve: 42u
  • Functies: uren, minuten, seconden, datum
  • Waterdichtheid : 6 bar
  • Wijzerplaat : zwart met luminescentie
  • Materiaal kast : Titanium
  • Materiaal band: bruine kalfslederen band
  • Diameter : 40 mm
  • Hoogte : 10.8 mm
  • Glas : saffier
The Pilot Story
IWC Influenced the cockpit-instrument look of classic pilot's watches during the 1930s and 1940s. The white triangular index at "12 0'clock" allowed pilots in the cockpit to instantly recognize the position of the hands and the time at a glance. The upright equilateral triangle has two dots at either side to make the dial easier to read, and is also luminescent.
The black dials of cockpit instruments with their contrasting, luminescent displays has been the inspiration for the cockpit design of classic Pilot's Watches for decades. The dial is reduced to the bare essentials, with striking luminescent hands and numerals that stand out against the matte-black background.
The striking conical crown of the Big Pilot's watch harks back to the pioneering days of aviation, when pilots had to face the elements in unheated cockpits. The original Pilot's Watches had particularly large crowns that were easy to grip so that they could be set and wound by a pilot wearing thick gloves and a padded light suit.
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