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Like any high-precision instrument, a watch needs regular maintenance to function perfectly. We have a modern workshop with an optimal infrastructure and a highly qualified professional watchmaker, trained by the Lycée Edgar Faure in Morteau, who ensures the repairs, service and repair of watches from our current collection as well as old watches. Very precise, sincere and principled, his advice leaves no room for doubt and bears witness to his great respect and love for the wonderful craftsmanship that he practices.

In 11 steps to perfect maintenance

Generally, a service interval of between 4 and 5 years applies, depending on the use of the watch.

1. Diagnosis
Each watch entrusted to us is individually identified (design, serial number, reference, etc.). Our master watchmaker will then carefully examine it to assess visible and functional defects.
2. Complete disassembly and check
Each part is carefully disassembled and manually serviced to detect the slightest sign of wear or malfunction. If desired, specifications will be drawn up and submitted to the customer for approval in advance. 
3. Replacing and/or reparation of defective components
Once the complete check has been carried out and depending on the result of the diagnosis, the master watchmaker will carry out all the necessary repairs in order to return the watch to the customer in the best possible condition.
4.  Automatical cleansing
Prior to reassembling the watch, all parts will be carefully checked, cleaned and degreased. 
5. Assemblage of the timepiece movement
This is a particularly delicate phase, as no traces of dust should get into the interior.
6. Lubrication of the cogwheel

The various friction and pivoting points are re-lubricated using ultra-technical oils.

7. Adjusting in 5 different positions
The master watchmaker uses a measuring instrument to test the precision of movement in six different positions. It then adjusts the balance so that the number of vibrations is perfectly optimized.
8. Placement of the dial
The dial is repositioned on the inside, the hands are adjusted and synchronized. The whole case and its interior must meet the specific technical criteria inherent in each piece.
9. Water resistance test
Water resistance check for water-resistant watches.
10. Operational check
Once the watch is finished, a series of tests are carried out on the various functions, such as the power reserve and the chrono, as well as other functions specific to the watch in question.
11. Final check up

At the end of this entire repair and verification process, the watch is inspected one last time by the master watchmaker.

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Battery service

Even for the replacement of the battery in a quartz watch we’re the one you’re looking for.

We ask our customers to respect a waiting time of 1 to 2 hours, in order to allow us to concentrate on complex repairs. Battery service is grouped together and carried out in a professional manner. If the replacement of the battery does not yield the desired result, this will be discussed with our customer and, if desired, an estimate will be drawn up for repair.

Replacement of the watches strap

A correctly modified strap makes the wearing of the watch way more comfortable.

Heursel offers you the possibility to replace the strap of your watch. We always have a wide variety at your disposal in stock and Heursel is also responsible for ordering the strap of your choice, either from the manufacturer or from the professional private labels with which we collaborate. When ordering a strap, our staff will be attentive to ordering the right size according to the model of the strap and the size of your wrist.

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