Jewelry with a personality

Every piece of jewelry I design tells a story.

What I like doing most is talking to people. Discovering together what they want and transforming that idea into a beautiful piece of jewelry. We take space to create the most beautiful memories for joyful events and loved ones.  We will share ideas, find and draw your dreams and design them into harmonious timeless pieces. High quality home service, personalized customization, framed with expert craftsmanship and finesse in our own atelier


"I don't sell a product. I sell an experience." 

Eric De Waele, Managing Director/Owner Heursel

A rich history that has made its mark deep in our DNA.

In 1745 our jewellery shop opened its doors at the corner of Langemunt and Hoogpoort. It was the beginning of a successful 'Heursel' era. For 275 years and eight generations, we surprised our customers with a fine selection of jewels and watches and our own creations. 

In March 2020, our dream house in Ghent closed definitively. The beautiful profession of jeweller has been carried out in the same way for centuries. But times change, so why not adapt my way of functioning? With a workshop, but without a shop. A new challenge, one with more freedom and intense collaboration with the customer.


A passion for watches

The closure of my jewellery shop does not mean the end of my passion for Haute Horlogerie. With gratitude for the beautiful brands I have been able to represent, I will continue to promote them and to advise and support my customers in the choice they want to make when buying a new watch.

In addition, I can confirm with some pride that I will continue to distribute the prestigious brand Parmigiani. A niche brand in Fleurier Switzerland, with a cult of watch enthusiasts, founded by Michel Parmigiani in 1996 - a renowned watchmaker who has restored some of the most important antique clocks in history. Technology, creativity and elegance rarely seen in the watchmaking industry characterise these beautiful watches which, with the exception of the Herm├Ęs watch straps, are 100% made in the manufactory. It is one of the secrets just waiting to be discovered.



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