Creation, transformation and maintenance of your jewelry

Heursel has extensive knowledge and expertise

Give your jewels the sparkle they deserve

Jewels are designed to be worn many years and often by multiple generations. A regular maintenance is no unnecessary luxury to give your jewels their original glamps back, to exclude loose settlements and signs of wear and to carry out various repairs.

Our goldsmith, an artist in heart and soul, has a fully specialized workshop to carry out all the necessary work. With an eye for elegance and architectural perfection down to the finest details, our virtuoso in goldsmith's work makes the most beautiful jewels. His insight into the wonderful world of gemstones and metals makes him "our man with the golden hands".

Heursel Creations – Jewellery custom made

Would you like to design a new jewel or to give your old one a new look?                            For this to you can come to us.

With an eye for elegance and architectural perfection, our virtuoso in goldsmithing makes the most beautiful jewels. We will gladly advise you and provide you with a design without obligation and a quotation.

Trust, respect, discretion, emotion and quality are values we use every day.

"Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives." William E. Foster

Work with our manager or our staff to create a sketch of the jewel you have in mind. Model, gold or platinum, with or without gems, budget, you can determine everything in consultation with us in order to obtain an optimal result.

As soon as the model and budget are approved by you, the manufacture of your piece of jewellery starts. Unlike 99.8% of jewellery sold and moulded worldwide, at Heursel everything is still made by hand by the goldsmith. Authenticity and symbolism: that's what Heursel 1745 is all about.

As soon as the sketch is ready, it is designed in a 3D drawing that allows you to see your jewel in all positions (front view, side view, top view, ...).From the drawing program, the design is then sent to a 3D printer which is located on site in the jewellery store. Your jewel will be printed in resin, giving you an exact picture of the shape, the size and the proportions.

Tips for the maintenance of jewellery

  • Domestic or rough work, sleeping and playing sports with your jewelry is not recommended.
  • Protect your jewelry against shocks, corrosive substances and other chemicals such as soaps, body lotions, hairspray, ...
  • Don't put on your jewelry for about 5 minutes after you've sprayed perfume.
  • Store your jewellery separately and preferably in the original box to avoid damage.
  • To clean your jewellery yourself, use soapy water with a soft liquid detergent and a soft toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly under warm running water and dry with a soft towel.
  • Pearls should be worn regularly. Have them checked and re-tied once a year.
  • For a thorough cleaning of jewelry and for specialized cleaning products you can contact us.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

Modify a ring?

Heursel has a professional workshop and excellent expertise.

1. Measuring the right size for the ring
Before you can start enlarging a ring, you need to measure the correct ring size of the customer.


2. The weight of the ring
In order to determine the correct cost price of the amount of gold used to enlarge the ring, it will be weighed before and after the treatment.


3. Revision of the ring
The goldsmith will do a thorough inspection of the ring for possible defects, such as loose gems that can come loose through manipulation of the ring.
4. Sawing through and stretching the ring to size
The ring is sawed trough at the best possible place and stretched to the right size


5. Filling the ring with gold or platinum
The opening is filled with the acquired amount of gold or platina.


6. Welding and filling the ring
The piece that was made with the filling of the ring is welded into the ring.


7. Polishing of the ring
As a final touch, the ring is even sanded and polished. White gold rings get another layer of rhodium.


8. Final check
At the end of the enlarging and verification progress, the jewel is inspected a last time by the goldsmith

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A refurbishment for your jewels?

Yellow gold jewels can be polished by our goldsmith, white gold can be rhodanese and polished. Do you have diamonds or other gemstones in your jewellery: it is suggested to have them checked regularly by our goldsmith. Gold is a soft metal that can show signs of wear after a while. Because of this there is a risk that your gemstones get loose.

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