A captivating oblong aquamarine

What emotions does this enchanting ring awaken within you ?


We recently had the opportunity to acquire a captivating oblong aquamarine, which typically exhibits a green hue, but in this case, it radiates a gentle and alluring blue color. It was simply irresistible, and a few months ago, I couldn’t resist purchasing this mesmerizing gemstone.

My intention was to fashion an art deco ring with a contemporary twist, infusing modern elements into its design. To achieve this, I sought two oblong baguettes crafted from pure aquamarines to grace the sides of the ring. Additionally, I adorned it with delicate brilliant-cut diamonds, seamlessly blending the essence of art deco with a fresh and contemporary aesthetic.

Crafted meticulously in platinum, this ring not only exudes a flawless finish but also possesses an exquisite beauty and substantial weight. The choice of platinum as the metal further enhances the sophistication and elegance of the piece, ensuring its enduring allure.

As we gaze upon this magnificent creation, we cannot help but feel immense satisfaction and joy with the final result. The captivating blue hue evokes memories of warm summer days, reminiscent of the turquoise shades found in the sea surrounding Corsica. It brings to mind visions of refreshing coconuts and the vibrant moments that brighten our lives. This dreamy ring truly encapsulates those sentiments and invites us to relish in their blissful embrace.

What emotions does this enchanting ring awaken within you? 

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